Stagione 2020: il parco è chiuso
La spiaggia è aperta e offre servizio di lettino, ombrellone, doccia calda e fredda

WOW AQUAPARK 2019 is completely renovated and with 30% of new attractions, spread over a body of water of 2,400 square meters at 50 meters from the shore of the Levante beach of the Municipality of Laigueglia on the border with Alassio, of which 1200 are fully occupied from slides up to 5 meters high, swings, trampolines, catapults, horizontal obstacle and climbing routes and much more… with a part of attractions suitable for children from 6 years of age.

The WORLD on WATER project "WOW" is the largest water park of "AQUAGLIDE" inflatable games positioned on the water, in the open sea, never built in Italy.

Rules and rules of conduct
  1. The game is accessed upon payment of a ticket, according to the rates shown, and the delivery of a numeric identification and personal life jacket.
  2. Access to the park is regulated by lifeguards who will be able to reach it from the entrance corridor, at the established times.
  3. Access is granted to all subjects of a minimum age of 6 years and a height between 122 cm and 213 cm, who know how to swim and / or wear a life jacket. Subjects less than 122 cm tall can access only if accompanied by an adult who assumes all responsibility with a written declaration.
  4. The ticket gives the right to access and use the attractions in the floating game within the limits set by this regulation and rules of conduct.
  5. Admission is in no case refundable.
  6. A maximum of 100 people can be present in the Park at the same time.
  7. The Management reserves the right to close the Park at any time due to adverse weather conditions, in order to safeguard and protect people, without having to fully or partially reimburse the ticket.
  8. With the purchase of the ticket the possibility of being photographed and filmed by the Wow Aquapark staff or by the automatic devices installed on the slides and on the attractions is tacitly accepted.
  9. The life jacket cannot be removed and / or transferred to third parties.
  10. Access to and exit from the floating game are allowed only through the central gangway and it is forbidden to enter and exit the lateral floating fences that delimit the playing area.
  11. The presence within the floating game is temporary and the subject is required to leave the playing area at the end of the time allowed and in any case promptly to the call of the service personnel.
  12. In the game it is forbidden to introduce and / or wear objects of any kind that could cause damage to things or people, or to the structure of the game itself (glass, cans, watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces ...).
  13. Each user is obliged to comply promptly and scrupulously with the instructions of the surveillance personnel and the lifeguards.
  14. In the game it is not allowed to behave in a way contrary to the common sense of modesty.
  15. All the attractions of the structure must be used with the utmost diligence and prudence and with specific protection for neighboring third parties, from which a minimum safety distance must always be maintained such as to prevent contact, impact or impact of any kind.
  16. It is mandatory: exit the park immediately when a thunderstorm is approaching.
  17. It is forbidden to dive in areas not expressly provided for and indicated and in any case where other people insist.
  18. It is absolutely forbidden to swim under inflatable games.
  19. It is forbidden to insert wrists or feet in the handles, straps and / or rings.
  20. The maximum number of users indicated by the lifeguard cannot be exceeded.
  21. Swimming, standing or climbing under other users is prohibited.
  22. Make sure the swimmers have freed the entry area in front of a slide before entering the water.
  23. Furthermore it is strictly forbidden to: push other people; slide with your head down, standing or kneeling; wear shoes of any kind on the Park; stop on the path of the slide or in the landing space of arrival; stop and swim inside the launch corridor adjacent to the Park, climb the pier and the rocks; introduce animals, glass containers, metal, cans and sharp objects into the Park.
  24. It is forbidden to use the Park for heart patients, pregnant women, prosthesis wearers and / or plaster casts, for anyone who has problems that could be aggravated by physical exertions and disabled people who are not self-sufficient.
  25. It is strictly forbidden to enter the park outside the opening hours and at night.
  26. The user who declares himself capable of playing the games is responsible for all possible risks relating to pathologies or health conditions that are not fully and / or unreported, as well as to possible damage that may arise to himself or to third parties.
  27. The management reserves the right to expel dangerous subjects or those who do not comply with the prescribed regulation as well as to close the floating game at any time without notice for the safeguard and safety of the people and without any reimbursement charge.
  28. The Park is not liable for anything deposited inside the lockers or left unattended on the beach.
  29. No liability is accepted for damage or accidents to persons or things caused by imprudence or failure to comply with the "Park Safety Regulations". Violators will be immediately removed from the water game, with the express reserve of complaint and / or communication to the Public Authority.

WOW! Aquapark